July 02, 2014


I've been working on a couple bigger projects the last couple months and they are all stockinette or garter stitch. I don't mind mindless knitting but I'm starting to get the itch to cast on something a little more complex. 

Not too complex! 

I don't want to cast on an epic shawl / sweater with a million charts but something with a cable here or there. Just to keep it interesting. 

I've also been thinking about getting started on my Christmas knitting. I definately don't want to be stuck in the situation I was last christmas where I pulled an all nighter 2 nights in a row to get 2 sweaters done. That sucked!! The sweaters were well received and loved, but it's made me rethink my strategy for this year. 

Soooo.... to solve this predicament I'm making a short list of sock patterns to get going on my 2014 Chistmas stockpile of knits. First up? I have this skein of Star Trek inspired yarn. Which is last of the Star Trek yarn out of the stash. 

Yarn : Beam Me Up on Pandia's Jewels Glitz Sock

I'm weighing my options out of these patterns:

It's going to take some serious thought. I'm going to have to take into consideration which pattern my brother would actually like. Hopefully by next time I'll have my choice made :-)

On the knitting front: not much going on. I've gotten to the halfway point of my TFAvector.

I'm still working on it but it's not monogynous knitting for me right now. I love how it's coming out. I'm definately a blue, purple & green girl :-) I've fallen in love with how Rewind is knitting up. It's the verigated purple/ blue skein. I wish it would become a permanent color in Tanis Fiber Arts collection :-)

The other project that I've picked up recently is the Resistance is Futile Socks which are for my brother. They are a WAY belated birthday gift so I need to finish those up. 

Pattern: my go to toe up sock recipe. You can check it out HERE.
Yarn: Resistance is Futile on Pandia's Jewels Snug Sock
Pandia's Jewels Snug Sock

I've got another inch to go in stockinette then I can work the ribbing. Then I can get going on the second sock :-)Yay!!

I want to get this pair of socks done so I can cast on the next pair :-) Until then.... choices, choices!

Happy Knitting :-) 

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