July 28, 2014

Obligation Completion .... It's Time For Fun :-)

I am so fricken happy that I finished these socks! They're washed, blocked and gifted already. My brother loves them :-) 

He's already placed his Christmas gift order. He wants another pair of socks using the last skein of Star Trek inspired yarn from Pandia's Jewels . He may have geeked out a bit when he realized I had Star Trek yarn, so he claimed all 3 skeins for himself ;-)

The last skein I had was Beam Me Up on Glitz by Panida's Jewels and it's my favourite out of the 3 so far. The base is a lot of fun to knit :-)

I was trying to decide on a sock pattern a while ago and I decided on Smokestack Socks.  It's working out so well for this yarn. The only mid is that I added 4 stitches to add an extra repeat in the middle to account for my tight knitting. And it's working out well so far. The pattern is easy to memorize and I'm making some good progress on them :-)

On the spinning front:

I filled a bobbin with Prairie Spring by Be Bold My Love.

I LOVE how it spun up :-) I've decided to barber pole it with a bobbin of white Peruvian Wool. I'm in the middle of spinning that bobbin.

I spun most of this while my toddler was napping. I took my wheel out on the deck and enjoyed the weather. Before the storm rolled in. It was absolute heaven :-)

I'm hoping to be able to have enough to ply for the weekend :-) But it may be sooner depending on how beautiful it is outside!

Happy Knitting :-)

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