January 07, 2015

Do I Have to...

I've had this project in my WIP pile for about 2 years. I would knit a bit, then rip it out, then cast on again. It was always there, constantly casting on, then ripping out. It was very frustrating for me. The frustrating part isn't the pattern! Somehow I was messing up the super simple pattern and then the stitch count was off. PLUS.... I had just had my little girl so my mind probally wasnt it's sharpest being a new mom and all ;-)

So when the Tanis Fiber Arts Group on Ravelry were having another KAL for accessories I decided that this project had to be completed. I dug it out from the corner in my spare bed room and decided to cast it on again. This time I was super careful the first couple repeats to make sure that I wasn't messing up the pattern again :-) I was super excited that everything went smoothly! It turned out exactly as I wanted.

I'm so pleased with how it came out. When I blocked it I was super excited with how it looked and I fell even more in love with it when I placed it on the bust form for photos :-) 

It was super difficult to give this to my sister. I so badly wanted to keep it for myself. It's a good thing I have enough of velvet to make another one but I'm not sure when I'll be able to get going on knitting it. I have so many projects on the go and I'm currently bouncing from one project to another. My knitting ADHD seems to have kicked in this year. 

On a plus note: my sister LOVED the scarf! She's constantly wearing it and sending me photos of her wearing it. So it was a huge hit :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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