January 23, 2015

Hopefully this newborn likes PINK!!! ...

My last yarn dyeing day I had was pretty epic! I mixed up a variety of dyes and went a little crazy (I've already shown my enthusiasm for Material Girl being purchased and knit up!!). But I haven't really went over any of the other colorways. 

Recently one of my cousins had a baby girl! So I was pretty excited to knit something up for her little princess. I had to pulled out a skein of DayLily on Sparkle Sock. It's definatley PINK!!! 

There's enough hot pink in there for any little girl ;-) I got knitting a baby sweater! It took a little while. Which is code for: it got put on the backburner while I cranked out the rest of the Christmas knitting but no worries, I got going on it again. 

Here it is in it's completed AWESOME-NESS! 

I was very careful of where the yarn was pooling while knitting. Some peeps worry about pooling and how the sweater will look once knit. I'm here to spread the word; I've come up with a solution! It's a little extra work in the end but the overall esthetic is worth it :-) Plus it will help you use up that super variegated yarn that's been lingering in your stash for a while, and your just not sure what to do with it!

While knitting the sweater all was looking good through the yoke of the sweater but eventually it started to pool a bit. I solved this  by working the yarn from the center of the ball  and the outside for a few rows, then it started to pool again. So I decided to pull some yarn and do a quick over handed knot to change up the dye sequence. I only had to do this every inche or so while knitting the body.

More so while working the sleeves but overall it helped keep the knitted yarn variegated in an esthetically pleasing way! 

When I was done knitting it was time to undo the over handed knots, double knot it, and weave in the ends.

It's definatley MORE work but I love the overall effect and the final look :-)

I also had a bit of extra yarn left over, so I knit a part of booties.

Since I was using a fingering yarn I had to add another yarn of some sort to get it close to DK weight. I tossed my remants stash and pulled out some Debbie Bliss Party Angel. It's so soft :-) I loved the final effect!

This made a wonderful set for a newborn baby girl! I hope mom and baby love it!

Happy Knitting :-)

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