April 02, 2016

What on the needles now...

I've been dying to cast on Prairie Sage since I dyed it up! I knew that it would be nearly impossible to reproduce! I was dyeing up something completely different when everything went WRONG and the resulting yarn came out this beautiful sage colour. So being that there were only 4 skeins in this One Of A Kind colorways I was quick to snag myself a skein once Miso Crafty Knits purchased one in the Wild Rose base! Check out her Instagram feed HERE and her Ello Feed HERE!

I casted on a pair of Plain Stockinette Socks using the slip stitch heel I'm so fond of! 

Yarn: Prairie Dye Studio MCN Sock in Prairie Sage

So if your curious how Prairie Sage knits up the picture below is a good representation of how it will look! 

It's knitting up better than I hoped for! It's a good example of how yarn looks in a skein isn't always how it knits up 😍 Subtle shades of sage greens and shades of mellow Browns! A totally unexpected group of complimentary colours!!

If your interested in snagging a skein for yourself I currently have 2 skeins of Prairie Sage left! 1 in BFL Sock and 1 in Anna's Sock. Check out my Etsy Shop HERE for more info on each sock base 😄

Happy Knitting 😄

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