April 23, 2016

A progression of spinning photos...

When I dyed up some fibre for the Fibre Shindig I was completely in love with Camping. These colors are so me! 

It was also my first time spinning Fine Shetland!

I had dyed up a bunch of braids with long repeats so you can choose to spin it as a gradient or you can spin I'm with long color repeats.

I chose to spin mine as a gradient, so I separated each color and spun each completely before moving to the next. Here's a progression of my spinning journey 😄

The roving was dyed marbled in shades of each color which when spun up gives it a semi solid look for each color 😍 

I ended up with about 241yards out of 4.2oz of fibre. I'm debating what to knit with it 😄

I have a few other braids that are dyed with long repeats. 

Clockwise from top left: 
Campfire on Fine Shetland, Old Rust Blue on Fine Shetland, Rainbow Brite on Falkland, Hyacinth on Fine Shetland, Tie Dye Prism on Fine Shetland and Royalty on Fine Shetland

Happy Spinning 😄

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