August 24, 2015

Knitterly Adventures

This weekend was full of new friends and travels of knitterly adventures :-) I recently had become acquainted with Tracey on Ravelry. She was interested in some of my destash yarns and it led to quite a few PM's back and forth ;-) We were able to wrangle up a meet up this weekend which included a field trip for my husband to Cabelas. He was happy that he could visit his favorite store and I was happy that I could visit with a wonderful fiber related friend :-) We had a wonderful visit and time flew by! Tracey gave some destash skeins a wondeful new home and even purchased a skein of PrairieDyeStudio MCN Sock skein in Purple Passion and 2 sets of Snagless Stitch Markers.

Top set is Chrysocolla and the bottom set is White Jade :-)

I was so happy to connect with a fiber friend and meet them in person! So many times we have fiber friends on Ravelry and very seldomly get to meet them in person! Thanks so much Tracey!!

Once I found my husband in Cabelas after my visit I got a good laugh! He had caught our 2.5 yr old putting fishing lures in her Bubble Guppies back pack. So he was massively stressed, embarrassed and had to keep a keen eye on her for a while. Once we explained it to her she seemed to understand that she couldn't do that. I have a sneaking suspicion that she was trying to help her daddy by picking out what fishing lures she liked while he was picking out what he liked BUT... it's a parenting moment. This is still a funny story that I will relentlessly bug my husband about!

On the knitting front I'm making good progress on the second sock from the second pair of Scrappy Casbah Socks I'm knitting for Christmas Gifts this year :-)

I'm hoping to have this castes off in the next 2 days. I'm stretching it a bit time wise but I want to have some time to knit up in my new WIP. That's right, I casted on a NEW WIP!!

As soon as From Way Back popped up on my Ravelry friends feed I've been in love with it! I've been pricing out yarns to knit it up and haven't been able to find anything in my budget since I'm a stay at home mom. After our visit to Cabelas my husband and I stopped at Pam's Woolly Shoppe in Stoney Plain (which is a short drive away) and I stumbled on some Estelle Eco Andean DK Wool. I figured I needed 4 skeins but I bought the last 5 skeins in this color way. I figured I like my sweaters longer and if I happen to run out with 4 skeins I might be pooched to find some more in the same dye lot. This was definitely in my budget. It cost $62 and change for all 5 skeins!

Once I got home I casted on and promptly ripped it out since I **HATE** provisional cast on. I always mess it up and when I pick up the other side to join it always looks super sloppy and baggy, for me anyways. So I changed it to a plain long tail cast on and I'm sure it will be fine :-) I doubt anyone will notice once it's done. I haven't gotten much done but I've been working on it here and there. It's my selfish project and has no estimated completion time :-) Just whenever I feel like knitting on it :-)

Overall it was a lovely weekend full of new friends and travels full of knitterly adventures :-)

Happy Knitting!!

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