August 30, 2015

My eyes are burning...

Since I'm due in December this year I decided to make a conscious effort to ensure that all my Christmas Knitting was fine WELL ahead of time. Famous last words I'm sure, BUT I'm on schedule so far. I've completed:

A pair of Star Trek Nerd Socks for my brother using all the Pandia's Jewels scraps from the previous 3 pairs and 1.26 skeins of Universal Yarns Pace in Steel.

Next up was a pair of socks for my husband. The poor guy is usually last and then it gets put on the back burner since I'm never done before Christmas ;-) I knit him a pair of Mindless Zombie Socks using a skein of Out Of Step Dyeworks MCN Self-Striping Sock in Zombie Apocalypse. he's a zombie apocalypse lover so this skein seemed fitting :-)

Then I started to knit a couple pairs of socks using some Handmaiden Casbah Sock that I had left in my scraps. I had Eugene, Stardust & Cedar left over. More than enough for 2 pairs of ankle socks :-)

That's 3 people down!! I just have 3 to go! So I went digging through my scraps again and picked out 2 remnants. A ball of Dragonfly Dyewerx Smooshy Sock in Princess 2.0 and a ball of Rocky Mountain Dyeworks Sundance Sock in Red Hot Pink. The Red Hot Pink is EYE SEARING!!!! I am not a pink lover BUT.... I've resigned myself to understand that some people DO love pink. I will never understand it but.... Whatever. So behold the WIP - Red Hot Pink Mindless Socks...

I've decided to knit these in the evenings and when I need mindless stockinette knitting. Blah to pink :-(

I'm also working on a pair of Cinder Block Socks for our hunting buddy Bill. My husband was raving to him about a particular pair of alpaca socks I had knit him so he promised Bill a pair :-) I had a skein of Alpaca With A Twist Socrates in a Charcoal that my husband picked out for Bill, so I started knitting. Bill has size 12 feet so it was going to be a shot in the dark I guess if I would have enough. After I knit the first sock it was apparent that I was NOT going to have enough yarn. So I contacted a few Ravelers on Ravelry to see if they would sell me their scraps, and boy did 2 wonderful ladies come through. We did a few swaps for mini skeins or stitch markers and I had what I needed :-) Once I got their scraps in the mail I had decided that I wanted to re knit the socks with a slightly smaller needle and a different stitch count to get a hard wearing gauge that would wear well for many years of hunting. So I started the second sock and I'm extremely happy with how it's knitting up so I'm continuing with the modifications :-)

The only thing is, is that since it's a charcoal yarn it's primarily day time knitting. Hence the need for the eye searing red hot pink socks for my evening knitting ;-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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