August 14, 2015

Announcement and A Bit of Catch Up :-)

I've been holding back a secret for the past 22 weeks and haven't posted it on the blog but I'm sure you can guess what it is. My little family will be expanding to include another child sometime in mid December. I'm 22 weeks along and was very sick the first 3 months. My appetite has come back but I've been focusing on everything else EXCEPT for the blog for the last couple months. Potty training my 2.5 year old is stagnant and there are days where she uses the potty sporadically, then she's convinced the potty is a toddler eating monster. I don't want to push it as I'm afraid she'll hate it more so I encourage her to use it and reward her when she does. So that's where my pregnant frazzled brain is at :-(

Now today on the other hand today started out to be a fun day ;-) It started out that I slept horribly last night as I'm carrying this baby out front and I've been trying to get comfortable with pillows supporting it at night which is NOT comfortable. So I got very little sleep. So I'm surviving on coffee today.

I had an epic coffee disaster this morning. I went to reheat my coffee in the microwave and on the way back to my couch my butter fingers dumped the whole cup of coffee on my Moonmist Ombré Cardigan. Sigh. So this is where my 4 balls of Moonmist and cardigan are hanging out since I'm not sure if the coffee would stain it.

So this is the first time I've washed wound balls of yarn so I hope it dries. I think I'll squish it gently between a towel and put it in the window still to let it dry once I'm sure the coffee has been washed from it. I blame this incident on not drinking enough coffee to get my mind functioning before I attempted to do anything. Maybe next time I'll put my coffee in a spill proof sippy cup!

I think I'm going to relax a bit today and knit on these Scrappy Casbah Socks which are for my Christmas 2015 stash! I have enough of these colors to knit 2 pairs of socks I think. Right now I'm working on the instep of the second sock on the first pair. So once I finish the second sock I should have more than enough for a second pair of Stripy Scrappy Socks.

I usually don't knit ankle socks but my mom loves ankle socks, so here I am. Although they are quick to knit up :-) I just find they photograph weird ;-)

I'm so blessed to have so many orders shipped out of my Etsy Shop since the Karmic Balancing Gifts on the YarnHarlots blog post :-) So I've been keen on getting as many options of gems and minerals Snagless Stitch Marker sets as I can available. Just recently I've made a couple different options available to my wonderful patrons :-) Now you can choose what size of Snagless Stitch Markers you want in the mineral or gemstone you want for a set! You can choose from Small, Medium or Large and they are made to order and will ship out within a day :-)

The other option is the Create Your Own Stitch Marker Set which allows you to choose the size you want (Small, Medium or Large) and you get to choose what minerals you want to create your own custom set from all the instock mineral or gemstone beads I have :-)

Two great options that will give my customers more selection of what they want for their own personalized Snagless Stitch Marker Set :-) I hope everyone loves these changes :-)

Lastly, I've loaded a few SECONDS sets into the Etsy shop :-)

There are 4 types of SECONDS Snagless Stitch Marker sets to choose from. This time around YOU choose the stitch marker size (Small, Medium or Large). There are 3 Chohua Jasper sets, 1 Picture Jasper set, 1 Orange Calcite set & 2 Green Spot Jasper sets :-) The link for my Etsy Shop is on the right side of my blog if you would like to see what's available. the SECONDS sets usually go fairly quickly so get one while you can :-)

Now I'm off to knit a bit and brew another cup of coffee. When I say brew I mean use that heaven sent device called a Keurig :-) I'll leave you with a photo of my "oh so tired" fur babies :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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