August 26, 2016

A few additions to the Etsy Shop...

I've been busy doing smaller batches of project bags and it seems to be going well so far 😄 I'm able to get about 2 bags done a day during naptime. There's the occasional time that I do some sewing while my husband is home from work but I'm trying to do my work just when the kiddos are napping so we can have family time when he gets home 😄

I did my first small project bag update a few days ago and sold 2 right away! I have 2 left of this super cute Country Cowboy fabric! 1 medium and 1 Extra Large!


I also finished up these Winter Deer project bags but haven't added them to my Etsy Shop yet!


Here's a close up of the fabric!


It is so pretty! I'm hoping to have them added to my Etsy Shop this weekend as long as Canada Post doesn't go on strike. Speaking of that, that's the next order of business I need to touch base on.....


I am a little miffed that Canada Post might be going on strike on Aug 28........ I figured that they would be able to figure this out between the Union Workers and Canada Post but apparently it's been dragging on ...... FOREVER! I'm not going to do a whole rant on this BUT they need to get their shit together. This striking notice, lock out notice, threatening garbage is irritating to customers and businesses alike. If it was cost effective and fees able on my part, I would go a completely different shipping method but I don't want to have rediculous shipping rates. So I will
Be keeping my Etsy Shop open until they actually strike. Shipping within Canada may be held up. Shipping to the USA and International takes about 3-4 days to clear Canada post to get to customs so I believe all orders should already be clear of this. I am tossing around the idea of leaving my Etsy Shop open but shipping purchases as soon as the Strike is over. The last time they striked I believe it lasted a bit until they were legislated back to work. So it could be a couple days or a couple weeks. I'll keep everyone notified once I know more 😄

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