August 29, 2016

Winter Deer Project Bags in the Etsy Shop 😍

I was able to collect a bit of time yesterday and get some photos of the Winter Deer Project Bags 😍

There is 2 Medium Project Bags for $40 each!

1 Large Project Bag which is discounted to $50 as there's a small imperfection!

And 1 Extra Large Project Bag price at $80!

I'm also streamlining my stock a bit while I'm preparing for my fall shows and have decided that the next 3 orders that have a project bag in them get a BONUS Abstract Art Project Bag 😍 If your unsure of what the Abstract Art fabric is here's a photo of one of the project bags that will be offered 😄

Also, there a bit of an update regarding the Canada Post Strike!  


The union workers of Canada Post have issued an order that they will not be working Over Time during the start of the Strike Notice during Negotiations. So there is very minimal distribution of service now. 

I will be leaving my shop open until they actively strike and all service is disrupted. Please be aware of the estimated times for delivery below and be aware that these are estimates and there is a chance that it may get held up by the Canada Post Strike.

Shipping estimates within Canada Post:

Within Canada : 5-10 business days
To the USA : about 3-4 business days to clear Canada Post to Customs
International : about 3-4 business days to clear Canada Post to Customs

I'm hoping they can come to some kind of resolution so that customers and businesses alike can continue to run business as usual! But I'll be checking the status of the Canada Post Strike very closely and will be updating the status on my Etsy Shop Announcement page, Facebool Page, Instagram Page and here as it happens! 

Thanks so much 😄

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