August 18, 2016

Some Fibre Added and Some Changes...

I finally was able to post the last of the Fibre that I 'be had in my stock to my Etsy Shop yesterday! They've been lingering in my show bins since Olds Fibre Week. The below braids are the kettle dyed braids and their weight vary as the rovings were different weights when I revived them.

Left: Berries on BFL Superwash
Right : both Deep Blue on BFL Superwash but different weights


I also did some Fine Shetland braids that were dyed in sections. I dyed these with gradients in mind! So they are dyed in 6 sections and you can spin them in continues sections or separate them to get a continuous repeat. Whatever floats your boat 😄
I spun a braid a few months back and it came out fabulous! I spun it in sections all on one bobbin then chain plied so it came out a gradient. You can see how it came out in the bottom right photo 😄

I have so much to catch up on on the blog but have been having a hard time putting a couple thoughts together lately! My baby is crawling like a monster and requires almost constant attention. So I've put a bit of my business stuff on the back burner for now. I'm still doing project bags, yarn and notions but there will be a limited supply for now until I figure out how to balance my home and work life. There will also be a bit of restructuring my business in the next couple months so I can streamline it. Then I can spend as much of my time with my baby and toddler and enjoy their special moments while still doing updates. 

How will this affect my customers? 

There will be smaller updates with yarn and project bags with certain fabrics. It will take the pressure off me so I don't have to stress out to finish 25 bags for an update 😉

For now I'm going to enjoy what's left of summer, knit a bit and get some stock base up 😍

Thanks so much 😄

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  1. Working from home should be joyful, I applaud your decision. And I love seeing what you make.