January 14, 2018

Summary of the Discontinued and Sale Items ❤️

Super excited that my Discontinued and Sale Items are dwindling down! I have a couple of bases I want to introduce in 2018 and my Online Shop only allows me so many tabs for products before I have to Up my plan! So hence the decision of what direction I wanted to go with my business! It also helps me pear down my inventory so I can continue making the products I love to make most ❤️

This is it for the BFL Sock! I’m down to my last 15 Skeins and there are only 5 colorways left! I’m going to be discontinuing BFL Sock as the Base has quite a bit of variance from batch to batch when I order. 

Top to Bottom: Gourd, Siren, Valley Of the Five Lakes and Sea Urchin

Right: Blue Morpho Butterfly

I’m also down to the last few Kelmscott Embroidery Scissors! I’ve decided to discontinue them as they are becoming readily available at all yarn shops and scissors are more of a fit to feel item! Each type of scissors has a different feel to them.

A highlight of the more tradional Silver and Gold Scissors I have left. Most have 1-2 left in each type! 

And a highlight of what’s left for the Flower Power and Little Loves Scissors! Most have just 1 left! 

I’m down to the last 15 kinds of Brass Progress Keepers! Most have 1 or 2 left! They are SALE priced at $4 each and qualify for Lettermail shipping if they are ordered with other Notions ❤️ 

There’s also the last of the $2 Sale Progress Keepers! There’s 14 kinds left and a good portion of them have 1-3 left! 

There is also a few Snagless Stitch Marker Sets available! There are 7 types of Snagless Stitch Markers and 5 our of the 7 only have 1 left of each instock! I will be doing a small update sometime this year with whatever minerals I have left but it might not a be a large amount of Stitch Marker sets available! 

And last but not least, I listed a very limited amount of I ❤️ Big Balls Enamel Pins by Brick Bubble! 

They were in the Prairie Dye Studio Christmas Advent Calendar and I exclusively had them in there and not my Online Shop until the Calendar was done. I had to order a certain amount to get Wholesale pricing so the remaining amount were listed today! As of right now there’s only 2 left and once they are gone, they are gone. I won’t be stocking Pins in my Online Shop anymore. 

Phew, that was a lot ❤️ So many goodies to be had in my Online Shop for while they last! Shop link is HERE if you want to check it out. The Big Balls Pins are listed with the Needle Gauges until they sell out😄

Also, there’s no need for Prairie Dye Studio customers to worry❤️ I usually change up my Online Shop a bit at the end of each year so I can move forward in the direction I want to go for the upcoming year. I’m not the kind of person that likes doing the same thing repetitively and I like to change things up for where I am in that moment in my life😄 

2018 will the the year of color and creativity for me. There will be a couple more bases introduced, my Progress Keeper supply will be smaller, and my Project Bag supply will have some additions to it throughout the year. I’ve introduced Free Shipping for Canadian Orders over $200 and Free Shipping for USA Orders over $250. 

Thanks so much for all your Love and Support ❤️ Every customer and supportive person help me to to do what I love to do for my business. Thank You ❤️ 

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