February 22, 2014


This is a project that should have been cast on and completed a long time ago. I was originally asked to knit an infinity scarf, hat and mitten set in November. Well I had intentions of casting on right away but I had to finish up a couple Christmas projects. Not to mention I had to get going on knitting all those baby sweaters! Anyways, I decided that after I casted off the last Sunnyside that I  was going to get cracking on knitting it. I had decided on Millwater since I had it in my favs for a while. She wanted it to match the Reverb that I knitted and ended up giving her. So I had purchased 3 skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label in Lucky Penny and when the time was right, casted on. It only took 4 days to knit this baby and I enjoyed it alot. It was fairly mindless aside from the cable I had to cross every so often. So I was able to breeze through it. 

The only lesson I learned was if I'm drinking a bottle of wine, don't knit!! I was feeling all fuzzy and warm after a couple glasses and decided that it would be a great time to knit along on this scarf. Bad idea. I ended up seeing all my drunken mistakes the next morning. I'm sure that I've learned nothing from this as I always fall into the trap of imagining I'm that sophisticated knitter with a glass of wine within reach. Aside from that it turned out well.

One last FO photo:

In regards to my last Ravellenic's project, I'm finished a Thrummed mitten and I'm going to cast on the last one tonight and possibly try to finish it during the Gold Metal Hockey Game tomorrow morning @ 5am! We'll see if I'll be able to focus on my knitting. I'm not going to pressure myself to finish it but if it happens, it happens.

Happy Knitting :-)

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