February 19, 2014

Stripy Baby Sweater Disaster.....

I finished off my last Sunnyside sweater a couple weeks ago and had been meaning to share photos BUT.... I had a massive disaster of epic proportions. I decided that I was going to give it a good soak so that everything looked crisp for the FO photos and thats when I saw...... dark blue water. The Louet Gem's dark blue yarn leeched and bled all over the sweater. I freaked. I pulled the sweater out of the now "blue dye bath" and drained the water. I then proceeded to try to rinse out the blue under running water. A good portion came out but there was now a blue tinge to the white yarn.

In my epic freak-fest I forgot to take photos. My excuse? I was in an the throws of an epic meltdown. I washed the sweater in the wash about 5 times to get any residual yarn dye out and I fleetingly hoped that it would come out of the white yarn. It didn't. I guess I was hoping for a fricken miracle. It was a last ditch effort on my part for the day.

I went to bed majorly P-O'd!!

Then the next morning, I finished my coffee. Then when I felt I had an adequate amount of time to SIMMER DOWN, I figured I would Google it. That's when I found THIS.

So I decided to go out and buy some Color Remover. I found some Dylon S.O.S Color Run at my LYS (The Crafty Lady) and decided to give it a go. I was a bit hesitant at first because I worried that it would possibly remove all the yarn dye but by this point it was worth trying it. Really how much worse could it get?

I followed the directions and ran it through the wash 2 times. It removed almost all of the leeched dye in the white stripes. There was still a little in there and it drove me completely nuts. By that time I was beyond crazy and decided that since I didn't have anymore of the dye remover I was just going to add a cup of bleach to the wash. At that time, I was resigned to the fact that if it ruined the sweater I would deal with it then.

I went into the living room, grabbed a coffee and continued knitting on my 2nd Ravellenic's Project. I'll have more on this in the next post :-) Anyways, after my zen knitting session, I had finally come to terms with the sweater disaster. I decided that I couldn't deal with this any longer. I was going to either toss it or save it for fire starter for this summers camping season. I opened the washer, pulled out the sweater and the stripes were.... not blue. I checked all the creases no hint of blue. There was a huge surge of relief which was then followed up with the urge to jump up and down. I'm so happy that I ended up salvaging this sweater :-)

So now here's the FO shot of my last Sunnyside :-)

Pattern : Sunyside by Tanis Lavallee
Yarn : Louet Gems Grab Bag (fingering/sport yarn) from Paradise Fibers.They are no longer selling it.

Love the pattern but I'm so done with this yarn. I was going to add a zipper but I've decided that I'm completely done with this sweater. I'm going to box it up and mail it ASAP so it's out of my sight. I'm sure little baby Madison will love it even though it's an open sweater.

Now it's time for Happy Knitting :-)

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