April 28, 2014

Finally some knitting :-)

I've been waiting to finish up my Papaya Cancan for a little bit. A wonderful knitter came to my rescue (Thanks Dawn!!) and mailed me 15 grams of Tanis Fiber Arts Red label in Papaya. I was sooooo excited to get it in the mail today. I wound it up and got going on finishing my Cancan.It didn't take long, then it went right into the bath.

I can't tell you how much I love this colorway. It is my all time favorite colorway from Tanis Fiber Arts. I am soooo happy that she's recently made it part of her permanent collection. Once I get a few projects done, I would love to order some more. I haven't decided what base I need or what I'm even knitting, for that matter. But really....... does it really matter ;-) I would love have it on display in my knitting room until I decided what to make with it. 

Speaking of yarn, I added a few more skeins to my Etsy Shop today. I've still got a pile more I need to re skein, photograph and list. It makes it a little complicated to do when my 14 month old is running around EVERYWHERE getting into EVERYTHING!! She likes to go into, what I call, CRAZY MANIAC BABY MODE!!! She likes to be all stealthy & silent (like ninja baby) then when your the most least suspecting, she grabs my knitting and bolts. It's ridiculous. Really fricken ridiculous!! I always laugh after, but not during the chase. I'm worried that she'll hurt herself. She's also quite ingenious of how she gets onto the couch, but then she gives me a complete heart attack trying to run on it. So while she's awake, I am completely useless for anything else except for making sure she doesn't hurt herself.

Anyone who knows me that orange and greens are my favorite colors. So I completely love the colorways below :-)

I've had so much going on and so much to get caught up on recently, that I totally haven't been knitting as much as I want to. I'm hoping to change that up a bit once I get the last of the yarn posted, then I can prioritize it when my daughter naps :-)

I also haven't forgotten about the silk fusion I did a couple weeks ago. I have the post written and pretty much ready to go but I was waiting to do the last step of ironing the fabric out and I've totally been procrastinating. I was finally able to do it today so there will be a post shortly on that :-)

Now I'm off to block my Papaya Cancan :-)

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