April 23, 2014

Shut Up Inner Wench...

I've been dyeing up a pile of yarn lately. I've posted a couple pictures on the blog,  a couple more on Instagram (PrairieKnitting) and tweeting via Twitter (@PrairieKnitting) but I haven't shown everything. I finally decided to take the final step today and open my etsy store,  PrairieKnittingYarns.

It was a big moment. I almost chickened out. I've had a couple friends tell me that the yarn looked fabulous. My husband told me he thought that it looked as good as some of the yarn I was buying. Which is a compliment. But there's always that nagging wench in the back of your mind that tells you: 'its not that good' or 'its not perfect yet' or 'people won't buy that. Then you'll be stuck with it'. I know, it's completely irrational but I seriously doubt that I'm the only Yarnie that has these thoughts. 

Anyways, I told my inner wench to shut up and I listed 12 skeins. I have a pile more, which I'll be slowly adding when I have time over the next week or so. I'm planning to continue to dye a few skeins here and there. Mostly when my 14 month old daughter decides to take a nap. So for the time being I'll just be doing small batches here and there. I might be able to do a larger batch if I can get my husband to take over baby duty. 

I'm determined to have fun with it so I'll be doing more OOAK's for the time being. In the mean time, I'm going to have to decide which skein is begging to be cast on ;-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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