April 23, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect...... Eventually

Last time I met up with my friend Deb she lent me her single treadle spinning wheel to  start spinning on. My initial experience spinning was on her double treadle and I was struggling. I was so not used to coordinating my hands and feet. I was also overthinking everything. She gave me some guidance and let me take her single treadle home to practice.

So I was so happy that she let me borrow her single treadle! I decided that since the weather is so crappy today that I was going to spend it inside doing whatever I wanted. I pulled out the wheel and attempted to get spinning. I had no expectations when I started. Then I wouldn't be disappointed. Which is good because I am sooooo bad! I'm going to need lots of practice. 

Some sections are over spun. Some sections are under spun. Overall I don't really care though. I don't think anyone is perfect when they start out spinning. It's going to take lots of practice and I'm ok with that. 

Although my husband will probally not like me taking on ANOTHER hobby but we'll see if I can eventually sneak a wheel into my house after ;-)

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