April 09, 2014

Surprises come when you least expect it...

It's amazing how sometimes you have plans and then something thats completely different happens out of it. This is what happened yesterday when I did a little road trip to pick up a couple dyeing supplies. 

It was a straight foreward plan. I would hit the road after my baby finished breakfast and get what I needed done. I had a plan and I was even able to visit my sister in law (and friend) for lunch. My last stop was to visit Shuttleworks to get some Citric Acid and a couple other chemicals. Plus bum around a bit ;-) 

When I was bumming around the store, I was completely entranced by a woman testing out a spinning wheel. I had always wanted to spin on a wheel but stopped short when I learned how to drop spindle. Which was mildly frusterating to me. 

Anyways, I had to introduce myself (so it didn't freak her out that I was blatantly staring at her spinning).

 I would be creeped out if I was her.

Just saying. 

Aside from this we had some great conversation. She asked me not to use her full name so I'll be referring to her as Deb :-) 

I also think she was a bit entranced by my daughter ;-) 

She asked me if I wanted to visit with her a bit at her house and I thought that was great. Which is strange because I usually don't trust anyone. I know, but it didn't feel weird at all. It was a meeting of kindred fiber spirits ;-)

When we got to her house, she had a wonderful little farm that wasn't far from the beat & path. It was completely charming. Deb had to quickly tend to the horses before we could sit and visit so I followed with my 1 year old daughter since she has never seen a horse before. It was so precious!

She was a little wary at first because they are so big but she warmed up. She was quite curious about these gentle giants!

Then she got to see Deb with one of her horses in the ring! My little girl was completely entranced and giggled relentlessly when Diva the horse would run by. So adorable :-) 

She tried to crawl into the ring. Then Deb took her for a short slow ride on Diva which she LOVED!! I've never seen my daughter smile so big! Her daddy is going to have to get a second job to get a horse for her :-)

After all this fun Deb took me into her Studio. Which was "Fiber Heaven"!!

Looms, spinning wheels, FIBER!!, and everything in between. I was almost speechless!! Almost. I could stop from exclaiming how awesome this studio was. 

She had drums filled with fleeces! I couldn't stop myself from touching the locks that were attached on top. 

It took all my will power to NOT just jump and roll in all this fiber. 

This lit a spark in me that has laid dormant for a while. I wanted to learn how to spin on a wheel and Deb let me try out her wheel for a bit. 

I was horrible... but slowly got the basics. It's going to take lots of practice. 

I now need to find a Guild that I can join to get more experience. I also need to see if I can rent a spinning wheel. I would love to purchase one but since it's an investment I want to make sure that its a wheel I would enjoy spinning on. 

Again, it's amazing how something truly SPECTACULAR can happen out of a chance encounter at a Local Yarn/Fiberarts Store :-) 

Happy Knitting :-)

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