May 02, 2014

FO : Papaya Cancan

I am so in love with this FO. I love the color, the base, how drapy it ended up being. I've had this yarn in my stash for about a year and even though I loved the color I was completely perplexed on what to knit with it. It was one of those yarns that needs to sit and marinate a while while I figured out what the perfect mix would be. So as soon as I saw MrsMommy's French Cancan on Ravelry which was knit with Tanis Fiber Arts Red Label in Lilac, it totally inspired me to use my favorite skein. I loved the fact that it's knit held double so you get a thicker, fluffier fabric when knitted. She also did a wonderful Post on her Blog about her cancan. I've been following her blog ever since :-)

Anyways to the beauty shots :-)

I totally took way to many pictures but it was hard to just take 1 ;-)

This is going to be part of my permanent wardrobe from now on! It was a very simple knit with just the right amount of detailing on the edging. 

I did use just shy of 2.13 skeins. So plan accordingly. I was able to score the extra 15 grams from a friendly Raveler that saved my butt ;-) 

Now since my baby is finally sleeping I'm going to squeeze in some knitting time :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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  1. oh wow, what a beautiful FO, LOVE the papaya colourway so bright and cheery. Also thank you for the kind words.