May 20, 2014


While I was knitting along on my mom's Crazy Psychedelic Socks, I was a bit captivated by the pooling. It inspired me to create 2 colorways.

The top skein is Day Lily and the bottom skein is Leaves in the Pool. I was able to dye them in a couple bases and it's amazing how each base takes the dye differently. I'm happy with them all and we'll see when inspiration comes next ;-)

I've posted 15 more skeins in the Etsy Shop today!!

I was so excited that my daughter had a long nap time! It gave me enough time to re skein, photograph and list everything :-) I now feel like I've accomplished something today.

Now I just need to clean up all the camping stuff from the long weekend :-( There's a lot that needs to be cleaned since it rained most of the weekend and forced us to come home a day early :-(

Happy Knitting :-)

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