May 26, 2014

Something New :-)

The last week has flown by! I've been very busy! Pretty much every minute has been put to good use, when my daughter has been napping.

I've had an idea about making some stitch markers for a while now. I've bought quite a few stitch markers over the years. Some are pretty, but not functional. Some are functional but not realistic to use for certain projects. Some come in multiple sizes, which is a pain for me. Really, do I NEED mini ones for socks? I just wanted a set that would work for the most common needle sizes. I really only use stitch markers for sweaters or complex patterns.

So my vision was set. I wanted to create simple, uncomplicated, snagless stitch markers with natural gemstones. I always was drawn to rocks and minerals. If you checked out my house I have a fairly large collection of Amethyst, Sodalite, Tourmanline ect. I'm not sure why I'm fascinated by rocks and minerals but I am :-) 

So I've spent most of the last week making snagless stitch markers. I've loaded them up in my Etsy Shop and have already sold my first set :-)

It's ridiculous how excited I am about this! I've already placed an order for more beads, so there will be more stitch markers uploaded to the Etsy Shop as soon as I get them!

See this pile of yarn? It's been dwindling down since I donated a skein of Woodland Fairy on BFL Sock for the Yarn Harlot's Karmic Balancing Gifts. Last year I was fortunate enough to win an awesome skein of yarn, so this year I wanted to give back a little by donating a skein. I wasn't expecting much but it's given me a bit of exposure. 

As expected, Woodland Fairy seems to be the popular color. It sold out pretty quick, considering I only had 1 skein in stock ;-) So I was able to dye up a couple extra skeins which I've just uploaded into the Shop. Each one is slightly different. So each one is in it's own listing so you can see how the skein looks before purchasing.

I also mailed off this order, purchased by Maria :-) It has a mix of some of my favorite colors. I hope she loves them :-)

Lastly, I'm hoping to have some FO photos shortly of my latest FO. I've washed it and I'm currently using the cheat method to dry it ;-)

Happy Knitting  :-)

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