November 06, 2014

A Taste of the Rainbow...

Since the last post I've been weaving a bit here and there. It's taken me a little while to get into the "groove" of weaving with a rigid heddle but, overall, I've got the hang of it now. The first few rows are a bit sketchy but it's my first project on this loom so I'm happy with how I'm progressing so far :-)

After my last post I was able to find a bolt but it was a smidgen too big. Like maybe 1mm so it wouldn't fit in the hole. I checked all the hardware stores in my town and there were no bolts smaller than 1/4" x 3". Which was a bummer. So I had my husband widen 1 hole in my loom to accommodate this bigger bolt. It works and now my Loom is on the stand :-)

It's a good thing that I waited to warp my rigid heddle. It was definately a 2 person job and I had my husband help me with it. He was beyond flabbergasted of why anyone would weave when it takes so long to set up. If I was a pro it wouldn't have taken 2 hours. I would rather take the extra time and make sure that it's as close to perfect for my skill level, then whip through it and mess up the whole project. But other than that he was a great assistant ;-)

As soon as the warp was on, I was getting my bobbins wound and ready to go. I got to weaving and did the first couple inches in black before I went to bed for the evening :-) 

Then the next morning I was obsessed with weaving and whipped through a good 7 colors of my gradient. 

This is where I've left off. There has been a bit of progress here and there but not too much. I'm in a groove to finish my Lady Sunnyside. 

I've finished the yoke, sleeves and about 5" of the body so I'm hoping to knit as much of the body as possible tomorrow :-) I would like to actually finish a TFA KAL. My track record isn't so good ;-)
So hopefully I'll have progress or FO pics of my Lady Sunnyside in the next post! Fingers Crossed! 

Happy Knitting :-)

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