February 03, 2015

Baba's Cardigan...

I've been working on this sweater, it seems like forever. I would knit on it exclusively for a long time, then I would put it back in its project bag and let it marinate for a while. Most of the problems I had were the sleeves. Since the original pattern had short sleeves I needed to figure out a decrease that worked. Not to mention that I had to modify the sweater a bit to fit my Baba :-) In the end I knit the sleeves 3 times to get the decrease portion right. My Baba has larger upper arms and tiny for arms so I had to work some double decreases and decreases. What I ended up doing was:

Knit 2" from underarm cast on.
*K1, Sl1,K2tog,PSSO, knit to 4 st left in round, Sl1,K2,PSSO, K1.
Knit 5 rounds.
K1, K2tog, knit to 3 at left in round, K2tog, K1.
Knit 5 rounds.*
I repeated the above instructions 4 times then switched to the latter decrease round every 5 rows until I reached 72st.

The sleeves ended up perfect! I borrowed one of her favourite sweaters to compare it to my sweater and the sleeves came out perfect and the sweater ended up almost perfect. I had to knit an extra inch on the length the night before I gave it to her. Then it was spot on :-)

Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash Sport in Charcoal

I love the shawl collar I added on :-) It adds an extra coziness to the sweater.

A close up of the button band details :-)

The cabling detail up the side.

I couldn't be happier how the whole sweater came out. I put it in the washer and dryer and the yarn fluffed right out and made the sweater super soft. It was still slightly damp when I gave it over to my baba. So I laid it out and gave it a gentle tug and positioned it how I wanted it to dry. 

She loved it :-) I loved it!

Happy Knitting :-)

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