February 23, 2015

Becoming Something Loved...

Remember that beautiful scarf I weaved? It went to live with my good friend Marlene :-) We had our sometimes weekly coffee and she was admiring it. I could tell she absolutely loved it. So I told her to have it as a gift. Now usually Marlene feigns that she couldn't possibly (insert excuse here) ect, ect...... but this time she pretty much grabbed that scarf and ran out. All joking aside she was the happiest I've ever seen her. I asked her to send me a photo of her wearing it so I could post it on the blog and she sent me no less than 6 pictures ;-)

I think it's safe to say she loves the scarf. She sent me a text a few days later and said that she was wearing her scarf EVERYWHERE! I'm just happy it's loved :-)

Also as a side note; I've created a Facebook Group for Prairie Knitting Yarns and a Ravelry Group if anyone wants to check them out. I'll be updating them as I dye more yarn and make more stitch markers. I also will be posting photos of the shawl I'm designing on there as I go. If anyone wants to see what some of the colorways look like knit up definatly check it out. I've shared a couple projects I've knit so far. So you can see what Day Lily and Spring has Sprung looks like :-)

I also have a giveaway on Instagram!! I'm giving away a set of stitch markers. The winner can choose whatever set they would like from my Etsy store :-) 

Contest closes February 28 at Midnight so be sure to get your entry in by visiting my Instagram post and Follow, Like, Share :-)

Here are a couple teaser shots :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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