February 18, 2015

Taste of the Rainbow...

It's funny that I was so gun hoe to cast on this project in October then it sat for 4 months. It's not that I didn't love the project. On the contrary, everytime I went into my spare room I would stare at it longingly and wish I could get going on it again. I would make excuses that other projects were more pressing. 

Then I started seeing weaving projects popping up on my Instagram feed and my Twitter feed. It was like the Fiber God's were pushing me to work on my Taste of the Rainbow scarf again :-) So I decided to take my loom out of the spare room and get weaving on it again. It didn't take me long to become "obsessed" with finishing it. 

My loom became a permanent fixture in my living room for the day and a half that it took me to finish it :-) I decided to keep weaving in my rainbow sequence until I ran out of warp.

Now, being that this is my first project I've done on my own as a newbie weaver I may have been a little gun hoe about winding the warp! When it came time to cut the scarf off the loom I unwound the scarf for like forever. It was like a crazy sick joke that this scarf kept winding off the beam. Finally there was the end and I cut it off too. 

Then I looked at it and started laughing histarically. 

This bad boy measures 11.5 feet long!! Newbie mistake I guess ;-) 

It looks fabulous!! 

I'm already planning my next weaving project on my rigid heddle :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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