February 11, 2015

Trying my hand at Designing...

I've always dreamed about designing knitting patterns. I've gotten to the point that when searching for patterns I'm finding patterns that are close enough to what I need, then I end up modifying them to get the end result that I want. I never thought that I could design anything, but after chatting with my friend Marlene a while back she told me, "that with all the modifications I made to Etching that designing my own patterns should be a walk in the park". Which really resonated with me! 

I had to finish up my Baba's sweater before I attempted anything. But the whole time I was eyeing up this skein!

It was my inspiration to get cracking and finish my Baba's sweater :-) Now that Baba's sweater is casted off, washed, blocked and delivered I couldn't wait to wind up this skein of Spring Has Sprung on Wild Rose Sock :-)

I just could resist pairing it with a skein of Swan Island Pure Blends Fingering in Oatmeal  Not to mention while I was in The Crafty Lady I picked up some glass beads to match. I'm not sure if I'll use them or where I'll use them in the pattern but that's part of the fun :-) If I feel there needs to be a little sparkle I'll add them. 

I think the only prerequisite I have is that this pattern be friendly for variegated yarn :-) Other than that the sky is the limit!

Happy Knitting :-)

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