March 02, 2015

Free Shipping Worldwide on Snagless Stitch Markers :-)

I am so humbled by the positive response I got from my Snagless Stitch Marker Giveaway on Instagram. So much so that I decided to offer Free Shipping on all the Snagless Stitch Markers in My Etsy Shop until March 9th :-) Below is what I currently have in stock.

Black Onyx  is clean and simple :-)

Chevron Amethyst is a mix of white quartz and Amethyst and because of this mix 
there is some subtle variegation from set to set. They are beyond beautiful! 

Chrysocolla is a mix of greens and blues :-)

Ocean Jasper is a high variegated mineral and I love the eclectic feel of the set :-)

Orbicular Jasper is a variegated mineral which consists mostly of grey, blues, browns and creams. 
I had a hard time photographing these but this is an accurate representation of them :-) 

White Onyx is my go to set :-) I use these for almost every project I have on the go. 
I love the simplicity of this set!

Each Snagless Stitch Marker Set comes with 12 stitch markers and are made with genuine semi precious gemstones. My inspiration for making these snagless stitch markers is my love of all minerals and a need to keep things simple. I was always irritated while using other snagless stitch markers because either  I had a hard time seeing the stitch marker or they were over sized or completely not functional for me. I love the idea of jewelry for your knitting via stitch markers but with the added weight or the possibility of snagging it just wasn't working for me unfortunately. So while creating my ideal stitch markers I chose to go with white wire. It's easily seen on your needles while knitting and they glide effortlessly during transferring. I also wanted to stay with a clean and simple design. I'm happy with what I came up with and I use them regularly for my projects :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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