March 29, 2015

Obsessed with Spinning...

About 2 weeks ago I went on a day trip with my friend Marlene to Pam's Woolly Shoppe. I love that shop. The whole feel is warm and welcoming. She has all these wonderful sheepy decorating items, a large selection of quality needles and hooks and I love the fiber selection. All of which I didn't take pictures of :-( How can you tell I was a little too excited to be there! I purchased 2 bundles of roving. I originally had just one but Marlene twisted my rubber arm and I bought both ;-)

I fell in love with these bundles of roving :-) I started spinning them the next day!

There was a total of 241 grams of this fiber all together so it took me 8 days total to spin both bundles.

Above is the first bobbin completed.

Dividing the second bundle while I was preparing to spin :-)

Then after a day of plying I was left with 552 yards of a sport weight skein of awesome :-) This is the best skein of yarn I have ever spin so far! The only thing that I didn't like was that the silk in the roving wasn't blended well. So some plies are going to be more silk and other plies are just BFL but I'm sure once knitted it won't be too noticable.

Now I jut have to find the perfect project for this perfect skein :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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