March 10, 2015

SECONDS and Mix&Match Sets...

When I'm making Snagless Stitch Markers for my Etsy Shop I always have extra after. There are the odd number of  stitch markers where the beads made the cut. Then there are the beads that didn't make the cut. I decided to introduce Mix&Match sets and SECONDS! What are SECONDS? SECONDS are the beads that didn't make the cut because of imperfections. So all SECONDS sets are discounted at 50% off :-) The sets are still function able and are still beautiful! 

There are even 2 full sets of SECONDS in:

Ocean Jasper

Then there's Mix&Match SECONDS sets :

Then there's the standard Mix&Match Sets :-)

6 White Onyx & 6 Chrysocolla 

Check out the Etsy Shop to see what's left :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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