March 24, 2015

Making it Legit...

Yesterday I took a big step! I went and registered my business name and registered for a GST number. So now I am officially a business. It's a bit unnerving but also liberating. I find I'm having a little bit of a mini freak out ;-) I love the creative aspect of the business but I'm wavering at the "BUSINESS" portion of it. You know the paper & accounting portion. The boring portion. Which is funny because before I had my daughter I worked in an office setting doing payroll, A/P, Safety, Fleet ect. So this should make me feel right at home. I'm sure it will sink in with time but for now I'm keeping busy with updating my business name on Ravelry, Facebook, Etsy, Twitter, Instagram... ect. 

It was a hard decision but I decided to change my business name from Prairie Knitting Yarns to Prairie Dye Studio. Initially when I decided to dye yarn for sale I wanted to keep it linked to my blog and I had a hard time deciding on a business name. So it's fair so say that I didn't put much thought into the original business name ;-) I've been tossing around a couple names but when I went to register the business name yesterday this name just popped into my head and I loved it :-) I'm not a religious person but I can't help but wonder if it was Divinely inspired ;-)

Anyways, because of these changes I have a few skeins of yarn and some stitch markers with the old name of Prairie Knitting Yarns packaging on them. They will continue to have them until the new stamps and packaging arrive. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding :-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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  1. Congrats!! What a huge step! I've been waffling on the idea as well, but not sure if I'm ready for it (I can't pinpoint why, exactly). Can't wait to see where you'll go from here!! ♥