May 15, 2016

Donation Giveaway WINNERS!!

I was so blown away by the generosity of everyone that donated to the Canadian Red Cross for a chance to win the Grand Prize! We were able to get a total of $530 to the Red Cross and it will go to helping all families and people affected in the Fort McMurray wildfire 😍

The Grand Prize WINNER was Tracey C!!


And since we reached the goal I strived to reach I was able to pick 5 people for the BONUS stitch marker giveaways!! Although when I went to pick the names from the Random Number generator I accidentally picked 6 numbers! So there are 6 peeps that won stitch marker sets 😍

All winner have been contacted and I've been mailing out all your prizes so you should be receiving them shortly 😄

I have been asked why I've been so passionate about this cause. It's a little complex and it would require a whole conversation instead of a Instagram post or a Direct Message so the easiest way was for me to include my thoughts in this blog post.

Some people may not be aware of this but prior to having my first child I worked for an Oilfield Companies in Red Deer for about 5 years and, in my experience, they are the most generous companies. Even when the economy started to take a downward turn about 4-5 years ago, they would still help out whatever charities they could. Even if it was just donating their massive portable trailer BBQ's and donating the food for a BBQ event. So I was so happy and proud that the Oilfield Conpanies helped the evacuees of Fort McMurray in whatever way they could when the fire started hitting the city! My father works for Suncor Firebag, which is way north of Fort McMurray, and they started taking in MANY evacuees and housed them in their camps. They even started flying out all non-essential employees to make room for more evacuees. Then they started slowly flying all the evacuees out of their private airstrip. All free of charge. It made me so happy that they mobilized this so quickly while things were so uncertain the first few days❤️ I am also go grateful for all the Canadians that donated so freely to the Red Cross for this cause and for all the positive thoughts!! We have felt love from our Canadian neighbors! I'm happy the Federal Government is matching the Red Cross donations but I wish more could be done. There are so many displaced families and people that are in many communities across Alberta that are sleeping on cots. That have just the bare necessities and in some cases not much. I was grateful the Prime Minister Trudeau visited Fort McMurray but I wish that both him and Premier Notley would have spent more time with the evacuees in the surrounding communities. I feel that they need to be with their people to fully understand their needs at this time. They need to be with the people and hear the people 😄😇

I am so proud to be Canadian and so proud to be Albertan 😄 I would like to thank everyone that helped I all ways and I send ❤️Loving Thoughts❤️ to everyone that helped this cause! Thank you so much 🙏 

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