May 30, 2016

Little by little...

I've been a little busy the last while. I've been working on getting my stock base up for Olds Fibre Week and it's been a little stressful! I knew I was stressed but it's different when someone tells you your stressed!

Saturday I took a day off to go to the Psychic Fair at River Lane Ranch in Edmonton. It was a fun girls day with my mom, my sister, my brothers fabulous girlfriend and my baby girl of course ;-) We had a blast because it was on Carmel Baird's farm. If your not sure who Carmel Baird is, her family is featured on CMT's Mom's a Medium. I met her very briefly and she's a sweetheart. My mom was way to shy to ask for a photo with her so I asked for her :-) No one can resist anything a lady with a baby asks for ;-) 

It was a wonderful experience and while I was there I had to get a Psychic Medium reading :-) Carmel mentors mediums and many of the people she mentors were there giving readings. It was fairly cheap, $25 for a 15 minute reading. I told Patricia, the nice lady I had chosen, nothing about myself and the cards that were pulled were pretty spot on! She mentioned that I was overwhelmed and she sees me preparing during the summer for something in the Fall. Which is so hilariously true since I plan on doing the Fibre Shindig and the Calgary Fibre Arts Fair! So it's going to be a VERY busy fall ;-) 

She also told me that I needed to lean on my parents for help more. Which flabbergasted me because for pretty much the whole reading I had said nothing. Literally nothing since I wanted to maximize my time with her. I thanked her and then recommended her to everyone I came with. I took her card as well! If your into that kind of thing, I highly recommend her and  here's her info:


I believe that you will have to pay a little more for a reading with her since it was a fair and they limited it to 15 minutes. So I'm sure if you contacted her she would let you know rates!

Anyways, it made me think about it more. It was very true! When I work on something I become borderline obsessed with making deadlines and completing my daily goal of what work needs to be done. I would ensure that my girls came first but then I would get so stressed that I didn't meet my daily goal. Then I would be working in the evening to try to get it done when my husband was home and he could be on toddler and baby duty for a couple hours. Which is a great help, but then we're not getting in that family time. Not to mention that I didn't have any down time. Constant work. Which makes me stressed out. So her reading was spot on! 

So I sat down and started thinking about what parts of my business I can do with my kids home and what things I have to do while my mom babysits them for a few hours. I decided that the stitch markers and progress markers can be done with my kids home. Dyeing and sewing I would prefer to do that undisturbed. I can only get so much done during their naps and my toddler is pretty particular on when (if ever) she takes her naps now. So lining up both little girls napping is next to impossible now. Their naps over lapped for like 15 minutes yesterday. 

That is all.

15 minutes.

That gives me a bit of time to wind my brain down and think what I would like to do, then my baby girl is up. Ahhhh!!

So overall it just requires a bit of planning on my part now. I'll schedule a couple of days where my mom can watch the kiddos for a few goes and I can have that time to dye yarn or sew :-)

So today I was able to get some more Crystal Angel Progress Markers done! 


I'll have some at the Olds Market and I hope I'll be able to have enough in stock for everyone that has their heart set on getting one :-)

I also got a few Hook Stitch Marker's made up in the Crystal Angels! 


I have used these kinds of stitch markers in the past for the patterns you have when your constantly moving your stitch markers. The odd chart that has you constantly moving your stitch markers. I know I've had that happen with the odd pattern in the past. These work out perfectly for them. You could even use one of these sets for this:


They're less dangly and come with a progress keeper in case you want to monitor your progress as well :-)

The Hook Progress Markers / Stitch Marker sets could also be used for Crocheters! I'll have a limited amount of Hook sets at Olds Fibre Week :-)

 I'm getting super excited for this market! I just need to get my work schedule planned out ;-)

Happy Knitting :-)

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