May 01, 2016


Thanks everyone for a successful update on Friday 😄 


I was able to sell out of Overvast fairly fast and it was definitely a favourite colorway from the update 😄 I'll be dyeing up Overvast on a few other bases as well for future updates and my goal is to bring an ample quantity to Olds Fibre Week!

A close second was My Old Black Powder! This moody neutral is a favourite of mine. It's had a couple incarnations but I think I've perfected this colorway now 😄 There is only 1 skein left on Anna's Sock and a few skeins left on the MCN Sock base and the BFL Silk Fingering base. 

There was definitely a favourite base for this update! Anna's Sock was the winner 😄 Anna's Sock is a 80/20 Merino Nylon sock yarn that light and lofty but hard wearing. Perfect for socks and it's cost effective 😍❤️

Just a heads up, I will be doing another update in about 2-3 weeks. I'll be introducing some new bases on a couple existing colorways as well as new ones 😄

Thanks so much for the love and support for this home based business 😍😍 I'll leave you now with my favourite quotes. I love supporting all small businesses and this is why 😄


Happy Knittinf 😄

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