May 17, 2016

Stocking up...

I'm in full swing here getting ready for Olds Fibre Week!! 


If you've never been to Olds Fibre Week it's definitely worth a day trip if you live in Alberta!! They have a fleece auction, an equipment auction, a fabulous vendor marketplace and gorgeous gardens! Last year they were auctioning off looms, weaving accessories and equipment, spinning wheels, spinning accessories and equipment, fibre prep equipment and various other fibre arts equipment. You can score some deals or find something hard to find 😄 The auctions take place on the Sunday but you can check out what's in the auction Friday and Saturday! Check out the Olds Fibre Week website for more info!!

I'm introducing a limited amount of project bags at the Olds Fibre Week market and am slowly getting them sewn up 😄


It's a bit of a pleasant break from dyeing and I'm a crafty person at heart so I decided to try out this endeavour as well. 

I've also partnered with Lady Dragonfly Studios for this marketplace and she's is a fabulous seamstress!! I've been calling her the Project Bag Queen because she has such fabulous bags and her profession as a seamstress allows her to produce these bags so quickly 😄

Here's a picture of a few of the MANY project bags she will have available! She has so many bags in so many styles!

If you want to keep in the loop on what she's working on check her out on Facebook at Lady Dragonfly Studios !!

As per usual I'll be posting a preview of what I'll be bringing to the market a couple days before so you can see what I'll have available! 

Hope to see you all there 😄

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