May 12, 2016

Last Day to Enter the Donation Giveaway!

Have you entered the Donation Giveaway for this fabulous grand prize?? Today's the last day to enter and I'll also be giving away 5 bonus sets of stitch markers if we're able to get the donations to over $500 total for the Canadian Red Cross! We're currently a little shy but I know we can do it 😄


To enter see below 😍: 

Fort McMurray has been ravaged by the economic downturn the last couple years and now by a wild forest fire that is burning their city. All families were evacuated and displaced with very minimal or next to no possessions or basic necessities. The best way to help them is by donating to the Canadian Red Cross. I have made a donation but felt that I could do more! So I'm doing a giveaway to raise more money for the Red Cross!

I'm having a giveaway for everything in the photo. Total value is $114. I'll ship anywhere in the world! 
To enter make a donation to the Canadian Red Cross. Every $5 increment will receive another entry.  Once you have received a confirmation of your donation send me a screenshot to with 'I donated' in the subject line. 
I will be announcing the dollars donated to the Red Cross by all you peeps, and the winner on Friday May 13! There are a couple ways to donate:

1. Donate by texting REDCROSS to 30333 and confirming a $5 donation. It will be charged to your phone bill. 
2. Go to the Red Cross's website and do a donation there : 
Thanks so much for helping!! Also if as many people as possible can share this it would be appreciated! 

Thanks so much and good luck 😄

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