July 24, 2017

Catch Up!!

This summer has been about Balance. Balancing Family, Work and Me Time! It's been a struggle to get these 3 to balance but the easiest way I've been balancing it is, depending on the weather! If it's nice, I take the kiddos to the beach or the splash park. Basically soaking up as much nice weather as I can before we transition into fall and winter! 

I've been doing work when the weather isn't ideal. Sewing, dyeing, stitch markers, basically whatever I feel like doing for the day. 

One of the first child free "Me Time" was when I went to the Calgary Stampede with Kim of GingerSnapThat

We had a super fun time and I'm sure I chatted her ear off the whole time πŸ˜‚

We partaked in the rodeo events for the day ❤️

Checked out the Agriculture / Livestock of the Stampede! 

And of course there were Tanks!

Mr SnapThat (AKA Colin) made an appearance after the rodeo events! We hit up the beer garden and some mini donuts! 

It was an awesome time! Thanks so much to Kim and Colin for showing me the Calgary Stampede! I'm quite embarrassed to say that I have never been there before!! I'm hoping to make it an annual event ❤️

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