July 29, 2017

Christmas Sock Knitting 2017 has Commenced!!

About a week ago I started thinking about my Christmas Knitting! My family loves knitted socks for part of their Christmas gifts so it takes a bit of planning. My favourite part is tossing the stash a bit to pick out Yarns! I get to remember the yarns that have been sitting for a while and check out new acquisitions. I can possibly take a little to much time decideing πŸ˜‚ But I decided on these pretties! 

I had 1 skein that my 1.5 yr old got into so it required a bit of time hand winding and detangling it πŸ˜‚ I chose a good selection of Yarns ❤️ There is some Pace by Universal Yarn,  SeaTurtleFibreArts , Socks That Rock (from my fibreahare partner, thanks ❤️), Pagewood Farm Yukon , the Woolen Rabbit , some Socrates by Alpaca with a Twist and a Flames sock blank by Gingersnapthat and Mr SnapThat!

I've already detanged and casted on the first pair of Christmas Socks using Pace Yarn in a charcoal! 

I'm just working the heel flap on the first sock! Pattern is CinderBlock Sock by Anne Hanson. It's my go to sock pattern for men's socks. It works especially well if your not sure of how high their instep is or how wide their feet are. The pattern is stretchy but not too stretchy. It's well worth the pattern price ❤️

And because I can't just have 1 pair of socks on the needles, I casted on another pair of Christmas 2017 Socks!

The yarn is Comfort and Joy by Socks That Rock and was gifted to me by my Fibre Share Partner from the last instalment of 2016! It's an interesting and beautiful mix of colors! The base is thicker than standard sock yarn and I'm making quick work of the first sock! I am seriously considering Knitting them into knee highs bc the skein weighed just under 150grams!!

I should be able to get all my Christmas Knitting done in time. I was able to get it done the last couple years for Socks. But definitely need to get started in July / August! 

Happy Knitting ❤️

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