July 16, 2017

Donate to the Red Cross for those affected by the BC Wildfires

This is completely heartbreaking for me. For Albertans (and Canadians) it's only a year since the Fort McMurray fire and now our friendly neighbors to the west have several Wildfires. Many people have lost everything and are evacuated. My heart goes out to everyone in British Columbia that has had to evacuate or will be evacuated! 

In times like these the best way to help is to donate to the Canadian Red Cross for the British Columbia Wildfire Donation ! To encourage this I am offering up a $100 gift certificate to my Online Shop. To be entered just send an email of your receipt of donation to prairiedyestudio@outlook.com . This ensures that people have indeed donated and aren't just trying to take advantage of the giveaway. 

Photo Credit given to the Vancouver Sun

Thinking about our friendly neighbors and sending prayers to:
❤️ those affected by the Wildfires
❤️ and those fighting the Wildfires in British Columbia πŸ™

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