July 03, 2017

🇨🇦Thank You 🇨🇦

I am so blessed to have so many orders for the Oh Canada Yarn and Project Bags! I've been making them up 3 at a time every day and the turn over from date ordered is usually about 1 business day before they get shipped out! I've added the last of the quantities of the project bags in my Online Shop  I've precut everything so I knew how much I had of each bag so there was no surprises and they could be over sold! So whatever is in my Online Shop is what's left! 

Here's a little picture parade of the Oh Canada Project Bags 😍❤️

Oh Canada Sweater Project Bag

Oh Canada Sweater Project Bag 

Oh Canada Medium Project Bag

Oh Canada Medium Project Bag

Oh Canada Small Tall Proect Bag - Just 1 available

Oh Canada Small Project Bag

And there's just 2 skeins left of Oh Canada on Anna's Sock ❤️❤️

Happy Shopping ❤️❤️

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