July 05, 2017

Last Few Vendor Spaces for the Prairie Fibre Festival

When I started the Vendor Call for the Prairie Fibre Festival I wasn't sure what the response was going to be! I know a lot of vendors from the Fibre Arts Markets and the space at the Lacombe Memorial Centre was HUGE! There's always that irrational thought in your head that says your going to fail and that no one will apply as a vendor and no one will show up the day of 😂 

Well I'm quite happy with how this market is progressing and there has been lots of positive response for it! I've contacted all the Yarn Stores in Central Alberta within a 4-5 hour drive and have asked them if they would consider hanging a poster in their yarn shop. There's been blitz advertising across Ravelry, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! There has been shout outs from Podcasters and a very overwhelming positive response from everyone! 

So much so that there is only a few Vendor Spaces left for the Prairie Fibre Festival!! There is only 2 Booths left out of 19 Booths! And 6 Tables left out of 21!

Booths are $175 each and measure 8'x8' aprox and are not side by side! 

Tables are $150 each and measure 8'x3' approx. you can easily choose to not have a table and use wire racking or your own display for these spaces! You can also get a discounted rate for multiple tables for a larger space! 2 Tables for $200, 3 tables for $250! The table isles are 3 tables long but if you would like a larger space than 3 tables let me know! 

If your interested in becoming a vendor and securing your spot send an email to prairiefibrefestival@outlook.com to fill out a Vendor Application 😄 Only completed application forms will be accepted and  to become vendors ❤️

This is super exciting and if you follow the Prairie Fibre Festival Facebook Group, Ravelry Group or Instagram Feed I've been sharing a Featured Vendor every few days! I'll continue sharing new and exciting products from the Prairie Fibre Festival Vendors up until the day of September 24 ❤️❤️ Because that's the fun part! Seeing what products they have! 

If your a possible customer this is a great way to see the quality and diverse vendors we have for Central Alberta's first Fibre Festival😍

Here's to an awesome first Prairie Fibre Festival ❤️❤️ 

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